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19 February 2013

Meteorite Chebarkul was found by UrFU scientists

Scientists of the Ural Federal University found meteorite fragments near lake Chebarkul
Meteorite Chebarkul was found by UrFU scientists

Dr. Alexey Ischenko from UrFU Meteorite Expedition studying a piece of celestial body

Scientists from Ural Federal University (UrFU) found remains of the meteorite which fell on 15 February near lake Chebarkul.

On Sunday members of the University's expedition team delivered samples of the found substance to Ekaterinburg. During the night they established video broadcasting from the laboratory.

According to the expedition leader, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences' committee on meteorites Viktor Grokhovsky, this meteorite belongs to the class of regular chondrites.  This stone fragment contains about 10% iron.  It is likely to be called "Meteorite Chebarkul", the scientist said.

On 15 February at 09:23 local time thousands of residents in Chelyabinsk region saw this rare astronomical phenomenon.  When the meteorite fell, the blast wave shattered glass in buildings resulting in over 100,000 sq.m. of broken glass in houses and industrial constructions.

Over 20,000 people of military personnel were alarmed, the fragments of the meteorite were searched for with the help of several helicopters.

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